Men’s Ministry…

             Man Cave… at the home of Angel Casiano every 1st and 3rd Tuesday at 6:30 pm. A time for Christian men to gather and sharpen each other (Proverbs 27:17) in the Lord and to build relationships with each other.

Women’s Ministry…

Our ladies meet on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month at our facility to share, pray and build each other up in the Lord.

Children’s Ministry…    

            King’s Kids…at our fellowship every Wednsday night at 6:00 pm. Ages 3 -12. We view this ministry as one of the most important. We go out into the community and bring     those kids that cannot come on their own and teach them about the love of Jesus. We provide a meal for them and ourselves before ministry begins.

            Children’s Church…every Sunday morning immediately following our time of praise and worship. Ages 5 -10. This is not a babysitting service. We teach these kids about the power and presence of the Lord.

Ignite Youth Ministry…

              Our youth meet each Tuesday night at 6:30.  Ages 13 and up.


Ministries we support…

 Amen Ministries…Amen Ministries has been serving Elizabeth City’s needy since 1989. Armed with nothing more than a grill and donated food, the Watts family set up on a street corner and began feeding anyone who showed up, physically and spiritually.  To help support this ministry click here.

 Creative Ministries…a nonprofit Christian ministry, dedicated to using the tools of the creative arts to tell the story of God’s love for all the world. We endeavor to use the creative tools of drama, story telling, puppets, mime and living theater to lead people to Jesus, disciple them and then train leaders to reach out into their communities. We believe in sharing what we have learned!  For more info about this ministry or to help support them, click here.

  Kristen Rossnagel/YWAMKristen’s good at a great many things – like taking care of children, cleaning up after messy people, or keeping the peace – but her most prominent skill is being a good friend and a great listener. Those gifts are put to use as she disciples students in our training schools. Kristen’s been with YWAM since God rescued her from boredom (selling plants) in 2004, and has ministered in places like Malaysia, Egypt, and India.  Kristen has shown a real depth in her relationship with the Lord and has and will continue to have an impact on the Kingdom through her interaction with youth seeking to serve. If you would like to find out more about Kristen and her ministry or help to support her, click here.

 NOAH Minstries…We currently live in Kalomo, Zambia which is about 100 miles north of Livingstone. In Mapampi, a village outside of Kalomo, we are partnering with Global Orphan Relief (GO!) in a project to help the community. We are operating a children’s home for orphaned children called House of Faith. We have also built and will soon be opening another orphanage in Muntuamusiku village in Sinazongwe district of the Gwembe Valley (referred to as “The Valley”) called the House of Hope. Every weekend is spent somewhere in the villages encouraging pastors and evangelizing the areas with tools such as the Jesus Film. We are also operating a school of ministry in various locations for lay pastors who cannot manage to go to Bible college in mostly rural areas. In Likasi, Congo we have a sponsorship program in place for orphaned children to go to primary school. We currently sponsor 170 orphaned children to attend a Christian school where they receive a good education and learn about God’s kingdom.            We’re committed to going wherever God leads and building whatever it takes, be it orphanages, schools, clinics, or churches in order to bring salvation to the people around us. We invite you to go with us in prayer and support or even come out for a visit. Who knows maybe God will call us to build His kingdom together.  If you would like to know more about NOAH ministries or help support them, click here.







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